Donnerstag, 5. September 2013


Finally, we are finisdhed.

It was often really nerve wrecking and we did not post much any more in our English language blog.
Now we are happy to show you what our house and garden look like.
Should you be interested in pictures about the building process, please go to our German blog which is:

And this is our finished home

'Baan Saen Suk' means 'the very happy home'

We are happy to be living in our dream home now and are looking forward to enjoying it for a very long time.

Kind regards from
Eveline and Heinz

Montag, 22. April 2013


For nearly three months the negotiations went on between the project management and our lawyer. Finally an agreement was reached and things were ready to move on.

It was still rather difficult. Communication was not good but at least things were happening again.
The major problem at hand was (and still is), the septic tank in the main house. Often times it smells like a sewage plant. We are still now trying to get on top of things and one day we will. 

After six weeks at least the inside of the house was finished enough for us to move in. 

April 5, 2013 we moved all out belongings into the new house.
... and April 6, 2013 we moved in with the 2 cats and our Buddhas. This was an especially auspicious day. It was Chakri Day, commemorating the dynasty of the Kings of Thailand.
 we celebrated in western ...
...  and Northern Thai style

 One week later all the boxes were unpacked and things are becoming quite normal. There is still a lot to do but we feel very much at home already.
Outside of the house we still have workers every day. They need to finish the perimeter wall and fencing and the pool, before we can start with the landscaping which will be another major job. We do plan to have the top soil, the irrigation system and the main trees in before the rainy season.